Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
FCR 002: Old Testament

In this episode, I explore topics like:

fundamentalistic 19th century view of the Old Testament vs the view that most modern scholars (focusing on faithful scholars) hold

Documentary Hypothesis

OT Authorship issues

LDS specific issues related to JST and Book of Mormon


Evolution Science and how that might fit in with a faithful belief of Genesis

Pete Enns — “this is what it looks like when God lets his children tell the story”

My view of the Old Testament and some of my favorite, inspiring passages.

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I am an active, faithful Latter-day Saint who went through faith crisis, deconstruction, and reconstruction over the time period 2004-2012, and now want to share the paradigm and intellectual framework I used to reconstruct into a vibrant and abundant faith that allows me to continue to enjoy the restored gospel.

If you have been through or are going through a dark night of the soul type faith crisis or you are an LDS informed defender or church leader heavily involved in the LDS field of apologetics, you are in the right spot. But if you are not already very familiar with all the gospel topics historical and scriptural issues, please don’t continue. This podcast series is intended to help people’s testimony, but if you’re not already aware of these, this might hurt you.