Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
FCR 003: Book of Mormon Evidence

Faith Crisis and Reconstruction Series, Episode 3: Book of Mormon Evidence

Welcome to Episode Three. This episode is one of three main episodes exploring the issues related to the Book of Mormon that moved me from literal belief to a view of accepting the Book of Mormon as sacred LDS scripture but not viewing it as historical. This episode focuses on physical evidence of the Book of Mormon. Topics we explore:

How Book of Mormon was perceived initially

How the best, current LDS Informed Defenders view the Book of Mormon

DNA science

Apologetic theories: Limited Geography Theory, Mixing Populations Theory,  Loose Translation Theory, Imperfect Narrator Theory

Anachronisms like steel, horses, wheat, elephants

Ancient metal plates, the Brass Plates, and Reformed Egyptian

Unlikely events like the destruction at time of Christ’s visit and huge battle scenes

Stephen Smoot’s Imperative for a Historical Book of Mormon

My testimony of the Book of Mormon and some of my favorite, inspiring passages

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I am an active, faithful Latter-day Saint who went through faith crisis, deconstruction, and reconstruction over the time period 2004-2012, and now want to share the paradigm and intellectual framework I used to reconstruct into a vibrant and abundant faith that allows me to continue to enjoy the restored gospel.

If you have been through or are going through a dark night of the soul type faith crisis or you are an LDS informed defender or church leader heavily involved in the LDS field of apologetics, you are in the right spot. But if you are not already very familiar with all the gospel topics historical and scriptural issues, please don’t continue. This podcast series is intended to help people’s testimony, but if you’re not already aware of these, this might hurt you.