Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
FCR 004: Book of Mormon Content

Faith Crisis and Reconstruction Podcast Series, Episode 4: Book of Mormon Content

In this episode, I discuss the aspects of the Book of Mormon that could lead to faith crisis. There are many aspects of the Book of Mormon that show “humanistic and modern fingerprints”. However, the Book of Mormon content also is fertile ground for us to identify powerful and inspiring aspects of the Book of Mormon that help us reconstruct our faith within this new paradigm of viewing it through that more modern lens. This is the area I’ve spent the most time on studying during my faith reconstruction process, and I think I’ll provide some interesting insights for even those very experienced in these issues.


Deutero Isaiah
Sermon on the Mount
KJV Intertextuality
Nick Frederick’s research on the New Testament and the Book of Mormon
19th century religious phrases and content
Daniel McClellan and “after all we can do”
Tad Callister’s question: “where did Joseph get these unique doctrines?”
Plain and precious parts, high Christology of the Book of Mormon
Non-religious aspects of the content: moundbuilders, checks and balances government
Compelling reasons to believe it is inspired
My view of the truth and beauty of the content of the Book of Mormon
My take on the purpose of the Book of Mormon in the restoration

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