Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
Church is True -- LDS / Mormon
FCR 012: Lived Experience

Faith Crisis and Reconstruction Podcast Series, Episode 12: Lived Experience

This is the final episode of the 12 part churchistrue Faith Crisis and Reconstruction podcast series. We’re done with the historical issues. Everyone has their own list of what they love about the church and what it means for them to say the “church is true”. I finish giving my view on that in this episode. The rest of the episode focuses on the challenges of the lived experience, engaging in the LDS Church in a reconstructed paradigm.  I close talking about the next steps for the plan for visibility of the faithful Middle Way.


  • Truth and Beauty of the LDS Church
  • David Oster’s book Bridges: Trust
  • David Oster’s book Bridges: Belonging (authenticity)
  • David Oster’s book Bridges: Meaning
  • Temple Recommend Questions
  • Callings
  • Raising kids in the church within a reconstructed paradigm
  • Other frequently asked questions
  • Where to go from here

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