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Many in the LDS church are discovering facts that are challenging their literal views of scripture and history and causing them to doubt their faith.  But there is more than one way to view religious truth.
Many faithful believers maintain a testimony despite challenges to the literal view.  This website is dedicated to promote a perspective that can allow those struggling with doubts in their literal testimonies to preserve their faith.  With this new paradigm, they can again with confidence say they know the church is true.


The general philosophy is explained:

Religious Paradigms–summary of the literal paradigm vs the metaphorical/sacramental paradigm

Symbology–we use symbols in Mormonism, but how far is too far?

The Narrative–a possible plausible view of the absolute truth of Mormonism

My Faith Journey–my personal story of loss of faith (in the literal paradigm) and restructuring into a vibrant faith in a metaphorical paradigm

Saving Faith–is the metaphorical paradigm inferior in terms of creating a powerful faith? 


The truth and beauty of the LDS church

LDS Truth–does the LDS church to have truth and beauty outside its historical truth claims?

Father in Heaven–the LDS view includes a doctrine of God that is personal and powerful

Christianity–faith in Jesus Christ is a basic foundation of a testimony of the LDS church

Emphasis on Families

Eternal Progression

Big Tent–Mormonism is evolving as a big tent religion and poised for future improvements


Historical Challenges–my summary of the issues and alternative perspectives:

CES Letter Review

Purpose of the Historical Challenges Section

Book of Mormon translation

Book of Abraham


New Testament



The Blog:

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