There’s something very important about cultural identity and heritage.  Most people in the world are born into a religion and don’t change through their life.  Jews, for example, generally don’t convert to another religion just because they take issue with historicity of Moses’ miracles.

Many LDS trace their roots back to pioneer ancestors.  We relate to the faith they displayed in crossing the plains, settling Utah, and being involved in the formation of the LDS religion.  Some of us are converts or have roots to converts.  We relate to the faith journey they took to join this church and identify with the culture.
Others are adopted into the tribe. They relate to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored by Joseph Smith. They take on the LDS cultural heritage through adoption and they bring their own cultural contribution.

The Old Testament is a collection of stories and interactions with God that one tribe, the ancient Israelites, experienced. Their religion was intertwined with their cultural tradition. The LDS church is made up of the interactions with divinity that we have experienced in our cultural tradition. Each generation inherits the heritage from its parents and ancestors. They add to the heritage and pass it to their children.
These roots give us meaning and stability in our lives.