No. This is not a movement.  Those who adopt my view would not support protests.  They would make no demands to meet with General Authorities to explain their position.

We sustain our leaders.

We may hold private views on some of the current issues, such as role of women, proper treatment of gays, church financial transparency, etc.  But these views are guided by a few important principles.

  • We sustain the brethren as having the authority to lead the church
  • We have hope and trust that the church is moving in the right direction on these issues becoming one with God’s will
  • When spiritually prompted, we may ask or make requests politely and quietly for leaders to consider change

As believers in a ‘bottom up’ approach to religion, it’s not easy to accept traditional answers to why the church takes certain stances on current issues.  We don’t completely discount the concept of ‘the Lord wants it this way, so this is how we do it.’  But we don’t think that’s likely the way the church is run.  We believe the church is run by mortals deciding what to do and offering it to God as our statement of how we want to represent and worship him.

When I look at some of the recent progressive movements that have advocated for change within the church, the best model I’ve seen was a website that introduced the issues many foreign saints had with temple weddings and travel and cultural expectations for traditional weddings where family was non-LDS.  They asked the brethren to ask God.  That’s really all we can do or should expect.  If you feel strongly about an issue, respectfully introduce your perspective and ask the brethren to ask God, and stay out of the way after that.