Two sisters, Becky and Jill, were babysitting a neighbor’s two year old child, Iris. At age 9 and 11, these two girls were barely old enough to not need babysitters themselves. Iris’s mother gave specific instructions. Put Iris to bed exactly at 8:00 and LOCK THE DOOR and DON’T ANSWER HER. She’s going to cry, she’s going to yell, she’s going do everything she can to get out of going to bed, but you’re going to have to do it.


Iris was a beautiful olive skinned girl with light brown hair and big brown eyes. Becky and Jill would have gladly babysat for free, they loved doting on this little girl. They enjoyed the evening, fixing her dinner, watching her shows with her on TV, and reading her favorite books to her.
At 8:00, they had to put her to bed. They took her to bed, tucked her in, and closed the door. A few minutes later, Iris came walking out in her sleeper, obviously not ready to go to sleep. Becky and Jill tucked her back in bed, and this time locked the door. A few minutes later they heard a knock. Then they heard Iris’ sweet little voice asking to come out. Becky and Jill looked at each other trying to muster the strength to ignore sweet little Iris. They went and stood by the door. Iris said she was scared. She started to cry. She begged them to let her out. They couldn’t take it anymore and opened the door to let her out.

She was so sad. REAL TEARS. How could they do this? They held her and helped her calm down. And then tucked her back into bed, said goodnight, and closed and locked the door again. Sure enough, Iris starts again with the knock, then asking, then begging, then crying.
Becky and Jill stood outside her door again listening to the sobs. But they were determined to be strong. They knew Iris needed to go to bed. They knew this was best for her. They put on their bravest face and endured Iris’ cries.
We wonder if he’s not watching. If he doesn’t hear our prayers. If he doesn’t care. Our Heavenly Father sent us to this Earth to learn and grow. He must love us to be able to endure our cries and not remove the hardships and trials we face. He must be very, very brave to keep a loving watch on us yet not intervene.
I saw this video posted on facebook as a ‘LOL watch this’, but I was moved to tears by it. Though I am prone to doubt, I want to believe in a Father in Heaven that is this aware of our struggles and this affected by them. Sorry if it gives you the giggles.