The purpose of this site is to provide ‘one plausible view’ of the truth of Mormonism.


‘One’ is an important word here.  I don’t assert this is the only plausible view or even the best view.  This is one view.


LDS members being bombarded with information in the internet age that has challenged their literal paradigm of Mormonism are looking for a way to make peace. LDS apologists have an answer for these historical challenges that help many, but those answers fall flat for a certain segment.  For some LDS, faith in spiritual experience and beauty of the LDS experience is not lost, but intellectual belief in the traditional, literal view of LDS scripture and historical origins can’t be recovered. They want to hang on, but intellectual integrity is imperative. It’s difficult to commit emotionally and spiritually to something, even if it feels right, when intellectually it feels wrong. Some people are able to table or shelf certain questions, but that shelf breaks for some. This site is dedicated to introducing a paradigm that will provide a plausible answer for every difficult historical fact.


I aim to provide a completely holistic view of God, religion, and Mormonism.  Every potential question should have an answer.  I believe absolute truth does exist.  This site is my best attempt to provide one, plausible view of that absolute truth.