We, as most people, believe in a Supreme Being.  We know that God lives and we want to share that knowledge with everyone. God is perfect, all-wise, and all-powerful.  He is also merciful, kind and just.  We know that we can have faith in him.  We can love him with all our hearts. We are all children of our Father in Heaven.


The missionary discussions have changed over the years, but that was the opening part of the first discussion that I memorized as a missionary.


Humans seem to have a faith in God embedded inside them.  It’s been referred to as the god gene, mocked by some but studied seriously by others.  When life is easy, it’s not always foremost in our minds, but in difficult times it seems to come out even for the most cynical of us.
Adam Miller, LDS author:

The big problems are straightforward. We’re dying here. You and I. We’re getting sick, we’re getting old, and we’re dying. Our lives are small and our time is short. Our days are filled with suffering of all kinds: distress, worry, boredom, frustration, and loss. Time will have its way with us. And both we – and everyone we love, and everything we love – will pass away. We are losing to time and we will, finally, lose everything. Religion is meant to address these problems


We need God. We need to know he’s there.  We want a connection with him. We want to know there’s always that one person that no matter how bad things are, no matter how bad we are, not matter who’s against us, no matter how big the challenge we face…there’s one person that’s got our back, one person with the power and might to help us win the battle, one person that knows us to the core and accepts all of it, one person to love us completely and perfectly when it seems like no one else will or could.


Stephen King said he chooses to believe in God “because it makes things better. You have a meditation point, a source of strength”. He told Rolling Stone, “I choose to believe that God exists, and therefore I can say, ‘God, I can’t do this by myself. Help me not to take a drink today. Help me not to take a drug today.’ And that works fine for me.”


A testimony of an LDS member:

“The whole reason to wake up and live every day is to have a moment with him.  One moment with God is worth weeks and months of struggle. It’s worth anything to feel his presence. It feels like hot healing fire and you feel loved and accepted beyond anything people offer  its different  it takes a different set of feelers but you know what it is when it happens, it’s unmistakable. Impossible to describe but impossible to deny.”

The LDS church facilitates our attempt to find God. In the LDS faith, we are strengthened and sustained as we attempt to connect to God and build a relationship with him.