Why did you choose the domain churchistrue?

It’s a fair question. I sometimes regret taking the domain churchistrue and going by that userid. My site and my “ministry” had been in the works for several years previously, so I didn’t take it lightly, but I have been a bit surprised how it’s been perceived. Both by Exmo’s who assume I’m defending LDS absolute truth claims in the same way that FairMormon does or by TBM’s who get warm and fuzzy seeing the “churchistrue” phrase.

Many years ago I took a liking to the phrase “the church is true but the gospel isn’t”, taking a step further Eugene England’s counter to the phrase “the gospel is true but the church isn’t” when he said “the church is as true as the gospel”. My intent of this was that I have very little belief in many of the absolute truth claims which make up the gospel. Like Nephi, I might say “uh, I know God loves his children, but that’s about it.” But I do have great belief in the power of The Church to be a force for good in the world and in people’s lives. This was a very personal post for me and didn’t get a lot of clicks, but this explains it the best. http://www.churchistrue.com/…/mormonism-is-about…/ The Church is true is a very valid thing for me to say.

Then the question, why not use a different phrase. And maybe I should have. Blindly claiming “I know the church is true” and intending to mean that you know it’s God’s one, true, exclusive church in all the world with God-breathed scripture and doctrine and led by a prophet who is controlled by God like a puppet master, that is one of the problems in the church today. That is an unsustainable view, IMHO. I’d like to call attention to that not shy away from it. I’d like people to be faced with what that means and what it should mean. And I’d like to affect some change to the meaning of that. I highly doubt there will be a testimony meeting in the Mormon church from now until the end of time where “I know the church is true” is not uttered at least once. And that’s fine. I already said I love this church. I love the culture. I love the green jello. But let’s see if we can affect some change in what is meant when that is stated. I’d like for the meaning of that phrase to slowly shift to something more real and more sustainable.


Are you for real?  Do you really believe what you say?  Or is this sarcasm or parody?


Why are you hiding behind a pseudonym?


What is your current relationship with the church?


It’s fine if you believe what you do, but why are you trying to force it on others?


What do you actually believe?



What do you teach your kids?

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