Faith Crisis and Reconstruction Podcast Series, Episode 7: First Vision, Priesthood Restoration, LDS Exclusivity

In this episode, I discuss aspects of the First Vision, Priesthood Restoration, LDS Exclusivity that could lead to faith crisis. There are four main accounts of the First Vision. Some LDS encounter faith crisis issues when discovering these multiple accounts or when studying the history of how LDS priesthood structure and doctrine evolved in the early 1830’s. We will break down these issues. We will also discuss how members with a nuanced testimony can find value and authenticity in the Church despite a non-traditional view of what it means to be the only ‘true and living’ church.


1832 First Vision account — in Joseph Smith’s handwriting as a personal history
1835 First Vision account — meeting with Joshua the Jewish Minister
D&C 20:5 — a fifth first hand First Vision Account?
Anthony Sweat’s First Vision painting
Greg Prince’s take on the First Vision

Summary of criticisms of the multiple First Vision accounts
Analysis of common First Vision takeaway: Godhead vs Trinity

Don Bradley’s 2019 FairMormon presentation on the First Vision

Analysis of common First Vision takeaway: LDS Exclusivity
Historical analysis of priesthood restoration narrative: John the Baptist and Peter, James, and John
Neo-apologist take on ‘one true church’: Givens, Mason, Bushman, Miller

Can I engage in LDS Church not believing in LDS Exclusivity?
Faith Reconstruction: ‘I want to come up into the presence of God’
Faith Reconstruction: Covenant with God
Faith Reconstruction: God is alive in the world today



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