When you think of the reason for engaging in Mormonism, what comes to mind?




Is it the way that it enables us to connect with God and worship him.






Is it the way the LDS church teaches a loving image of Jesus Christ?  He invites us to come unto Him and he will take our burdens.





mormon family


 Is it the emphasis on families and the doctrine that families can be together forever?





Is it the community?  We worship and serve together as a body of Christ.






Is it the focus on youth and the missionary program that helps mold our children into responsible, empathetic, and confident young adults?







These are among the many reasons I love the LDS church.  Unfortunately, some have come to the impression that that the only thing Christianity or Mormonism can or should offer its followers is the satisfying of eternal requirements, framed as absolute truth which is authoritatively defined and based in the literal paradigm.  Something like this:



If we remove those traditional risk/reward motivations, is there still value in Mormonism?


In the metaphorical/sacramental paradigm, the value of a religion doesn’t come in its historical claims or literal claims to authority from God.  The value of a religion is in the good fruit experienced in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  Truth of a religion is in the ability for its members to worship God and find a meaningful relationship with him.  It’s in the ability to improve and better ourselves.  It’s in finding and living the abundant life.


I believe truth can be found in many religions, but no religion holds more truth and more beauty than the LDS church.  This section is devoted to illustrating the truth and beauty of the LDS church, outside the risk/reward absolute truth proposition of the literal paradigm.