Faith Crisis and Reconstruction Podcast Series, Episode 9: Polygamy and Late Nauvoo Doctrine

In this episode, I discuss the aspects of polygamy that are challenging in an LDS faith crisis and touch on other issues related to late Nauvoo doctrine. We will focus primarily on Nauvoo polygamy related to Joseph Smith. According to LDS scholar Brian Hales, who consulted with the church on the Gospel Topics Essay on Nauvoo polygamy, Joseph entered into 35 polygamous marriages, 12-15 which were sexually consummated. There are many messy details related to this that are very difficult to make sense of for an LDS going through faith crisis. I believe polygamy was wrong, and this represents a big mistake in the early restoration movement. I discuss in this episode how I make sense of this and retain my testimony of the truth and beauty of the church.


  • Gospel Topics essay on polygamy
  • Nauvoo polygamy details from Brian Hales
  • Fanny Alger
  • Joseph and Emma
  • Section 132
  • Angel with drawn sword
  • Carole Lynn Pearson — Ghost of Eternal Polygamy
  • Fruits of polygamy
  • Stated logical reasons for polygamy
  • What was Joseph trying to accomplish with polygamy
  • Eternal marriage
  • Proclamation on Family and relation to LGBT+ members
  • Heavenly Mother doctrine
  • Eternal progression doctrine
  • Temple ordinance related to freemasonry

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